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 #3902  da sunxuemei
 07/06/2021, 2:46
The fourth wide mut coins madden 22 receiver in history to win the Heisman after finishing his senior season with 1,856 yards receiving and 23 TDs, Smith realized the need to become proactive about looking after his own body during his period at Alabama. That being the case, the 22-year-old, who weighed in at 166 pounds at the NFL's medical checkup in Indianapolis earlier this month, has signed on as the newest athlete ambassador for booming tech wellness firm Therabody, whose goods we have written about extensively.

As part of the practice he's performing with former wideout Yo Murphy before this draft, Smith has been placing retrieval to keep his body prepared for playing football on a daily basis as well as to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue.

"I have been coaching this past year and placing a great deal of work in to grow my game and keep getting better," Smith informs InsideHook. "I've been using Theragun since I had been introduced to it from the trainers at Alabama. It's become a part of my daily routine before and after workouts and games to warm up and recover and on rest times to allow me to unwind"

Another thing Smith was doing to help himself unwind is playing video games, namely Madden NFL 20. Though he is not in the game yet, Smith does have some players that are preferred. "My teammates from Alabama who are at the league today," he states. "It is important to support the Tide."

That is not to say Smith does not want to see himself at the game in the near future:"I'm definitely looking forward to using a Madden rating once I'm in the league," he says. "I really don't understand what it is going to be, but I already know it's not buy Mut 22 coins high enough."