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 #4001  da wfuuopy
 01/07/2021, 9:04
Now travel to Lletya, and RuneScape gold speak with Arianwyn. Zachman3334, you could not have arrived at a better time. Oh? We have received word of the Red Axe trying to get connected with all the Mourners to take over Keldagrim! We Will Need to notify the Black Guard, the Temple Knights, the..the

Both of these organizations are already on the situation, and likely understand what has occurred today. For the time being, I want your help on something distinct. Oh. . .well, what's it? Have you heard of the Dorgesh-Kahn, or a girl named Zanik from Dorgesh-Kahn? We have small scouts which make it back to Lletya anymore, but yes, we have heard about her. She's been straightened in a few Strange Box that's time quitting properties.

Where did you find that box? We found it in Yu'Biusk. Yu'Biusk! It is still available? Yes....do you understand how to open it? A goblin mentioned something about a steel spear and a crystal... Ha! He has it reversed. Reversed?! Yes. To open this box, then you need a pure crystal spear that's been combined with steel. So where can I get this crystal spear?

We have the spear, along with hundreds of copies of it. Really? Wow, that was easier than I ever thought! I'll just get a steel pub and.... Wrong again, Zachman3334. The steel that you need was lost long ago. It's seen in rare traces from the Wilderness, however you need the sight of an elf to ever have a chance at finding it. Come with me then.

I can't, nor will any elf have the bravery to join you in such dark times. This is the area where you mention a long ridiculous procedure about how I could obtain the sight of a elf, right? Well, now that you mention it. I've read about a certain ring together with the capacity of visiting the"Spirit " Apparently, if the proper incantation is cast upon it, it is going to get the properties of cheap OSRS gold improved sight; the sight of an elf.