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 #4250  da phatoes
 29/11/2021, 9:33
The Shop UGG Sandals soon found its way out of surfer culture and in to colder climates, showing up in ski lodges across the country. UGG boots aren’t just comfortable, but they are made from high-quality sheepskin and built with top-of-the-line craftsmanship, which is part of the reason why the UGG brand is respected everywhere it is worn. UGG has shown its fashion stripes in a variety of new styles for women, men and children. Ugg even makes comfy boots for newborns and toddlers equipped with a Velcro strap to keep the boots on the baby vs. falling off in the street.


Ugg kicked things off with the Los Angeles enfant terrible Jeremy Scott, who plastered his boots with a kitschy flame print, and it followed up with the New York designer Phillip Lim, whose designs featured front zippers, pops of orange and rubber guards that recalled duck boots. Last year, the arty bicoastal duo behind Eckhaus Latta made clunky square-toed clogs and mules, and the louche streetwear label Stampd created a convertible pair that could transform from slippers to boots, which the website Highsnobiety called “peak work from home footwear.”

This year, UGG Sandals Cheap introduced brown fashion colors including the Zea Chocolate boot that’s both waterproof and insulated. The sheepskin lining will keep your foot nice and toasty when you hit the cold, winter weather. UGG also makes the Tupelo Chocolate, a knee-high boot that’s perfect with leggings. Again, the sheepskin liner offers both comfortable support as well as insulation, and the flat sole of this knee-high boot ensures both traction and comfort.

The worst decade in fashion was none other than the 2000s, years and years of horrendous outfits paired with the ubiquitous big-foot like shoe – the UGG Sandals. Winter, summer, nobody gave a shit, they were wearing UGG Sandals For Sale with mini denim skirts and blue eyeshadow. Then fashion grew out of this teenage phase and became slightly sophisticated, which of course was incompatible with the ugly and slob Uggs. They became a huge faux pas.

Ms. O’Donnell, who came from the luxury department store Lane Crawford, moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., where Deckers, the Men's/Women/s UGG Sandals parent company, is based, and got down to work, initiating a series of high-profile collaborations to inject some glamour into the label. She has since assembled a roster of collaborations that are as eclectic as they are eccentric. Far from tapping, say, luxury labels in the European mold (recent partnerships between Prada and Adidas or Dior and Nike Air Jordan come to mind), Ugg chose designers with edgier, artier inclinations, which helped reinforce what Ms. O’Donnell said is the brand’s potential to be both aspirational and accessible.