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In questa sezione diamo sfogo alla nostra creatività realizzando devices o firmware compatibili
 #1631  da Dziky
 30/09/2019, 16:36

Sorry that I do not speak Italian, but i want to share with You some of My projects.
I'm creating software/firmware for homekit and ESP chip as a hobby.

I setup my homekit house and I missed a few solutions so i start to do my own.

Now i want people to play with it. Feedback are welcome.
Maybe i'll get more inspiration for more projects:)

My firmware is bridge independent so all stuff is working as a homekit wifi device.
I'm not Apple MFi so all software is no commercial and free to use.

Please don't treat it as an advertisement i'm just trying to get you interested in my work.
I don't know if i can put a link here so please delete if it's forbidden.

Here you will find some of my projects:
Homekit Gesture Controller
http://dziky.pl/homekit/gesture-control ... ontroller/

Sharp FU-Y30EUW with homekit

Homekit Security System

My home page:

Distinti saluti,
 #1639  da lizzus
 01/10/2019, 10:18
hello, I saw your plans and I thank you for sharing them. Now I make a post in our group suggesting reading.
ciao, ho visto i tuoi progetti e ti ringrazio per averli condivisi. Ora faccio un post nel nostro gruppo suggerendo la lettura.
 #1869  da gpl71
 06/10/2019, 14:29
Dziky.... alarm project is Great.....
now, it would be very interesting if you could expand the project adding more sensors.
For example a Number of contact sensors and a number of ir sensors .
In that way you could interface to an existing alarm system or build a new one.
What do you think about?
 #1886  da Dziky
 06/10/2019, 18:02

How many sensors do You need?
Can be either:
1) Contact
2) Motion
3) IR
4) Any other sugestions? (can be distance or humans body weight for example HX711 https://images.app.goo.gl/wyj952wehGPSm5bu6 you can put it
under the doormat)

They all should be occur as seperate tiles or can be grouped as only one sensor and trigger after alarm launched?

I'm working now on Secure KeyPad so You can use it to arm and disarm system as well (and for opening doors for example).

Any other ideas for home security?