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In questa sezione diamo sfogo alla nostra creatività realizzando devices o firmware compatibili
 #3139  da Dziky
 15/01/2020, 13:14
Hi Guys, I'm looking for a BETA testers for my new HK Project.

It's free and only requirement is to have tvOS 13.3.1 (or 13.3.2) beta version.

And of course some free time and and willingness to have fun.

I know It's hard to encourage someone to join a group of testers without saying what it is all about:)

But I would like to keep it a little secret until Apple officially release the update to tvOS.

So please write me a private message if You're intrested:) thanks
 #3228  da Dziky
 03/02/2020, 17:25
Ok we finish tests and Here we go.
All is working so i can share all details with You.

I create a Homekit analytics panel to compare, measure and understand what's happened in your homes.

It's totally free, secure (without any external access to You setup) and hope useful tool.

You can store any kind of data: measurement, activities even titles of listen songs or estimated time of travel to work:)

What webPanel can do:

\- Record motions, hum, temp, thermostat work, brightness, TV input channels, device usage time and many more...

\- Visualize data with charts, timelines and tables

\- Export to XLS or PDF

\- Measure consumption and cost's for devices with nice charts and graphs

\- No need to give access to HK, just create automation for push data from Your setup

It's safe!

\- I don't collect any user data like geolocations, IP's, addresses

\- You can always delete Your account with all data.

\- It's a hobby so no cost and no guaranty, i don't know how many users system can handle

It's easy to start: Create account, add collectors, create shortcut automation in Homekit to push data and You’re ready to see what's happened :)

Let me know what do You think about it