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In questa sezione parliamo delle prese smart native (Ikea Tradfri, Koogeek smart plug Eve energy, etc)
 #3156  da sapi100
 18/01/2020, 5:55
With the new 1.10.28 Ikea Gateway firmware Ikea Smart blinds ready for HomeKit.
Unfortunately in the US only firmware is released but a little VPN trick Ikea gateway can be updated here in the EU.
IMG_1401.PNG (76.31KiB)Visto 67366 volte
IMG_1400.PNG (128.34KiB)Visto 67366 volte
 #3176  da sapi100
 20/01/2020, 16:16
That firmware has not arrived in the EU. I've been using it now since coming out in the US and haven't had any problems with it.
Works fine with automation.