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In questa sezione diamo sfogo alla nostra creatività realizzando devices o firmware compatibili
 #2144  da Dziky
 16/10/2019, 14:44

I'm finished coding my Secure KeyPad project so be first for tests:) it can be part of Alarm system but not only.

Another is indoor sensor but it's working with only one sensor now, i'll add more soon.

All You can find on my projects web page.

Distinti saluti,
 #2157  da lizzus
 16/10/2019, 19:52
Hi Arek, and thanks for your work. You wrote "Distinti saluti", but we in Italy write this only in business communications. Maybe writing "Ciao" is better :D :D :D :D :D
Keypad firmware is avaible? can you tell me how it works or post new video (I've already seen the previous video).

"King Regards" :P
 #2161  da Dziky
 16/10/2019, 20:24
Sorry i'm working with Italians guys and we're always put this in emails :)

You can download all they stuff here:

So keypad is modeled on Danapad but better:) Danapad is working only with Bluetooth and z-wave locks.
My is working with all homekit locks, You have to set up automation for fully operation.

Keypad is shown as 2 triggers in home app (Grand access and denied access) if you provide good PIN Grand sensor will be trigger if wrong the opposite one.

So if You setup automation: if "Grand access" is trigger open door-lock and disarm alarm system You're ready to go:)
For extra features i add the ability to generate OTP (one time passcode) so You can gave access remotly to someone just once.

I create and additional module called "webPanel" to easy managment i'll use it in all next projects becouse configuring anything in EVE is very uncomfortable.

To access config page first You need to enable it in EVE and then go to webpage http://[IP]:88/panel

Of couse all is made with care of security with random generator and cryptographic. The weakest link is WIFI :)
1) connection between keypad is secure and encrypted (iCloud requirement)
2) Automation with homekit as well
3) Software descriptors and pin are encrypted in EEPROM with additional salted strings

Few words i post on project website
http://dziky.pl/homekit/secure-keypad/h ... re-keypad/

 #2643  da Dziky
 04/11/2019, 13:05
I think that this is not needed, everything works in wifi.

No You can use any sensor like Kogeek Door/Window or even motions sensors from Hue/Fibaro and others.
Just setup automations if any of sensors trigger > turn On Alarm Switch.

If system is armed turning "Alarm Switch" will trigger alarm