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In questa sezione parliamo delle telecamere native (Logitech, Netatmo, D-Link, etc)
 #2945  da sapi100
 05/12/2019, 12:33
Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera with Registration and Netatmo Welcome Home Indoor Camera.
Soon both are HomeKit Secure Video compatible with v.433 firmware
IMG_1381.JPG (1.47MiB)Visto 69534 volte
IMG_1377.JPG (1.32MiB)Visto 69534 volte
 #3011  da lizzus
 23/12/2019, 15:12
Do you suggest netatmo welcome?
 #3014  da sapi100
 23/12/2019, 16:06
Yes, I want to buy Logitech Circle 2 first, but after reading more about it after new firmware for Homekit Security chose to rather buy Netatmo's camera which has software from the start that met my requirements and was Homekit compatible. I can also see it from a Win10 PC with my other Netatmo product, from Netatmo.com under my own account:
Air care

Coming new Homekit security firmware soon, but proprietary software can do the same and does not require payment for admission. Can use Dropbox or FTP.